About Us

Cambodia International Cooperation Law Group (C.I.C) is a group of lawyers of the modern age with the combination of relevant expertise, talents and high qualifications, operating and providing legal and other professional services which satisfies high standards and abide by the principles of professional codes of ethics. C.I.C was given recognition by the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia through letter No. 599 /BA/15 dated March 09, 2015 and was officially established on 24 March, 2015.

Although C.I.C has just recently been established, its lawyers and legal service supporting staff as well as other professional employees are all highly educated and possess many years of experiences related to the work of legal services and relevant expertise as well as some social work. Attorney Mr. Ly Rathy, the president of C.I.C, has over 10 years of working experience in the fields of commercial laws, social work, local, national and international advocacy, consolidation of governance, and he is also an effective trainer of all the said related skills. Besides, the lawyers of C.I.C also specialize in professional and intelligent out-of-court dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, and participation in the proceedings of the Arbitration Council for Labor Disputes and act as an arbitrator who is competent in commercial disputes.

Legal defense services and representation in the judicial system at all levels and across the Kingdom of Cambodia are provided actively by the lawyers of C.I.C. The protection of the rights and benefits of clients or customers is one of the main priorities of every C.I.C lawyer in order to make sure that the rights and interests of the clients and customers will not be violated and be protected in accordance with applicable laws.

The consultation on investment projects as well as the preparation of investment project registration documents, bookkeeping, tax registers, monthly and annual tax returns, and internal financial statements are crucial parts of the professional services provided by C.I.C. This is basically the reason why C.I.C have a lot of partners and clients consist of many local and international investment firms, businesses and companies – as described in the information section on partnership on this website.

Moreover, C.I.C also provide services of preparing and composing letters such as purchase and sale agreement, personal loan contract for livelihood, lease … etc., settlement agreement, certificates and last will and testament.

Cambodia International Cooperation Law Group (C.I.C) is operated under a specific administrative management system combined with specific accounting standards and financial management system which is a key factor in improving the quality of the services provided by C.I.C and providing confidence for clients. Overall, C.I.C responsibly fulfills its missions based on the following specific and clear vision, objective and goals:


Cambodia International Cooperation Law Group (C.I.C) is not only a big problems solver but also make sure that the big problem will not occur and small problems will be solved.


Standardizing C.I.C for the provision of high quality standard legal services and other relevant services within the framework of professional code of ethics.

  • Strengthening the implementation of the Professional Code of Ethics for providing legal services.
  •  Provision of high-quality legal services in all cases and at all times.
  • Putting the clients’ interests first within the framework of laws and legal regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.